About Us

Funbel Foods, a subsidiary of Funbel Ventures Ltd is a distributor of African and Afro-Caribbean dry food products and the sole distributor of Ola-Ola brand of products in the United Kingdom.

Funbel Ventures Ltd is a family business, established originally in Nigeria about 12yrs ago. The huge demand for our products including the Ola-Ola brand by Africans in Diaspora informed our expansion to the United Kingdom.

Funbel Ventures Limited was formally incorporated in the U.K in 2006. We introduced the Ola-Ola brand of products into the United Kingdom market in the same year.

Ola-Ola products are manufactured in the United State of America by our sister company Yusol International Foods.

We pride ourselves in marketing and distributing Healthy, pure, authentic well processed and securely packaged food products. Quality is our watch word, as such; we are committed to providing our numerous customers the best quality available in African food products from which we derive our slogan;

"You have tasted the Rest, now Taste the Best”

We cover major cities in the U.K through our numerous Sub-distributors however, our business in Nigeria is still going strong.